Teacher In-Service Program (TISP) at 4th Elementary School of Thermi

On the 1st of June 2016, three members of our team visited the 4th Elementary School of Thermi, where they performed hands-on engineering lessons to the students. Their lesson plan was “Build Your Own Robot Arm”, where the students had the chance to develop a robot arm using simple materials. Through this demonstration the students explored design, construction, teamwork and materials selection and use.

What is TISP?

TISP functions essentially as a professional development workshop aimed at helping teachers bring exciting hands-on engineering lessons into their classrooms. Once trained, IEEE volunteers can connect with pre-university schools in their local communities to deliver the hands-on program.

What are the goals of TISP?

The program’s goals are to:

  • Empower section volunteers to collaborate with their local pre-university community
  • Promote applied inquiry-based learning
  • Enhance the level of technical literacy of pre-university educators
  • Encourage pre-university students to pursue technical careers, including engineering
  • Increase the general level of technical literacy of pre-university students throughout their educational careers.

You can see photos from the demonstration by clicking here!