IEEEXtreme 8.0


On October 18th 2014, our Branch successfully organized participation to the IEEEXtreme 8.0–for one more year, as our branch has participated in this challenge from the very first year. A large number of students expressed their interest and participated in this challenging programming event, achieving high scores. For three years in a row, teams from our university rank first in PanHellenic level.

This year, the team “asdfgh” (Zalidis Christos, Katharopoulos Aggelos, Tsirigotis Christos) ranked 1st in Greece and 55th in the world! Another great success came for the team “ThessXpro” (Sidiropoulos Antonis, Triantafyllou Pavlos, Tsiougos Andreas) which ranked 2nd in Greece and 78 in the world! We are very proud of them and wish them good luck for the future.

You can find out more about IEEEXtreme here.

You can see images from IEEEXtreme 8.0 by clicking here !