3rd Hellenic Student and Young Professionals Congress


The Hellenic Student and Young Professionals Congress is a 3-day congress that will be held on 30/10-1/11/2015 in the campus of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. It is the 3rd IEEE congress of this type being organized in Greece. Our aim is to bring together students and young engineering professionals from universities all over Greece in order to give them the opportunity to network and exchange ideas. We aim to motivate students, improve their communication and leadership skills and also have fun. Lastly, the Hellenic SYP is the best way for new members to learn more about IEEE and participate in interesting workshops.

Below, you can find the congress programme.

IEEE HSYP 2015 Final Schedule


During the 3-days congress, a number of speakers will host the variety of events. The speakers are both from IEEE Region 8 and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Below, you can find the list of speakers and the sessions that will host for the participants:

IEEE Region 8

Mr. Costas Stasopoulos, IEEE Region 8 Director

  • He will host the first-day events IEEE At Heart and Student Activities in Region 8.

Raja Chiky, IEEE Region 8 Young Professionals

  • She will present the Young Professionals Activities in Region 8, as well as the Young Professionals Workshop on Saturday, along with Sara Barros.

Sara Barros, IEEE Region 8 Young Professionals

  • The host of Young Professionals Workshop and Activities, along with Raja Chiky.

Rui Costa, Founder and Coordinator of IEEE Academic Programme

  • As a coordinator of IEEE Academic, hi will the IEEE Academic Workshop speaker on Saturday

Dinko Jakovljevic, Awards & Contest Coordinator R8 Student Activities Committee

  • As a respresentative of R8 SAC, he will present the R8 SAC Activities. Also, as a part of the IEEE MadC community, he is the speaker of IEEE Xtreme and MadC sessions as well as the contributor to the “Create an App” workshop

Jan Verveckken

  • All the way from KU Leuven, Jan Verveckken is responsible for the session of Time and Stress Management

Ugurcan Segit and Alexander Osana, Region 8 Chapter Coordination Committee

  • Along with Alexander Osana, Ugurcan is responsible for the presentation of activities of R8 Chapter Coordination Committee

Mr. Athanasios Kakarountas, Newsletter Editor IEEE Greece Section

  • Mr. Kakarountas is part of IEEE Consumer Electronics Chapter in Greece Section and will present the major activities of his chapter over the last years.

Stamatis Dragoumanos, Educational Activities IEEE Greece Section

  • Stamatis is responsible or the educational activities in Greece and will present the imminent TISP workshop that will be hosted by Greece Section.

Ioannis Mousmoutis, IEEE R8 Educational Activities Subcommittee

  • Former chair of IEEE UTH Student Branch, Ioannis is responsible of the EPICS workshop during day 2 of the HSYP Congress.

George Papadimitriou, IEEE Greece Section Student Representative

  • As the new SSR, George will show you the opportunities, funding or not, of the Student Branches in Greece Section.


Aristotle University Speakers

Prof. Grigorios Papagiannis

  • As a part of the Electric Energy division of the Computer Engineering faculty, professor Papagiannis will host the technical presentation regarding energy issues in the grid.

Prof. Alkiviadis Hatzopoulos

  • Professor Hatzopoulos is responsible of the Space Electronics session on the 3rd day of the congress.

Prof. Anastasios Ntelopoulos

  • Professor Ntelopoulos will present the technical speech regarding computers.

Ms. Katerina Papakota, Career Counselor in Aristotle University

  • Ms. Papakota will address basic issues on writing a proper curriculum vitae and taking part in a job interview at the Personal Branding session on day 3 of the congress.

Mr. George Bontzios

  • Mr. Bontzios will share with the participants his experience in creating a startup company, how he succed and the difficulties he faced.



Aristotle University Research Disemmination Center, which is the location of the venue, is located on September 3rd Str., Aristotle University Campus. It is located above the university restaurant and it is distinguished by its red color. Congress will be held in Ampitheatres II & III (level -1).


You can find more photos from the venue, click here!