3 for 1 challenge

windows8_afisaIEEE 3 FOR 1 CHALLENGE

Our Branch and Student Guru Thessaloniki, in collaboration with Microsoft Hellas and Nokia organized the Windows Phone Developer Challenge, giving students the opportunity to combine technology with their own imagination and creativity in order to develop applications for Windows Phone. The participants had to develop 3 applications and achieve a good mark to get as a prize a free mobile phone. More precisely, the judges evaluated the authenticity (30%), look (40%) and appeal to users (30%) of the applications from a scale 1-5. Participants with an average mark greater than 2,5 got a free device- those with an average mark greater than 4 got a NOKIA Lumia 800 and the others a NOKIA Lumia 710, until depletion of the stock-that was early April 2013.